HV Nixie DC-DC switching power supply

Michail Papadimitriou over at Electronics Lab designed a simple DC-DC switching regulator capable of powering most of Nixie tubes: The module is based on the MAX1771 Step-Up DC-DC Controller. This controller works up to 300kHz switching frequency and that allows the usage of miniature surface mount components. It accepts an input voltage from 2 to 16.5V […]

Hack a Day interviews Ian at the World Maker Faire

Ian talks about the massive Nixie tube thing and the standard PCBs to Hack a Day. The goal of our standard PCB format is to make it super simple to design a project that fits in a bunch of different cool, open source cases. Grab our Eagle library or KiCAD board templates to use Sick […]

Nixie clock sets time from internet, encased in concrete

Chankster built a Nixie clock that uses the NTP protocol to set the time over an internet connection. For a final touch, it was encased in concrete. Time is synchronized using the network time protocol. An ATmega keeps the time, controls the nixie tubes, and connects to the internet via the popular ENC28J60 Ethernet IC. […]

Testing the efficiency of Nixie power supplies

Gelbanana tested 3 HV SMPS Nixie power supplies for their efficiency. The tested ICs were the always popular NE555 timer, the MC34063 buck/boost controller, and the MAX1771 boost controller. The MAX1771 was the most efficient, but it also costs 10x more than the other two ICs tested.  Table with the results of the test can […]