PC storage oscilloscope and logic analyzer

From the comments on our earlier USB oscilloscope with signal generator post, here’s a PC storage oscilloscope and logic analyzer by Nerd Ralph: A logic analyzer is a useful tool when working with micro-controllers, but when compared to the price of Arduino compatible boards, they are expensive. While the ability to decode different protocols is a […]

Another better component storage

Here’s another better way to store your electronics components by Nick of Arachnidlabs: I think I’ve found a better way to store those parts, though. I sourced some 3” x 5” antistatic bags for a pittance, lasercut a box to hold them in, and printed off some simple labels to keep track of what’s in each one. Here’s […]

Organizing your surface mount component hoard

Keeping track of all the strips of surface mount components you’ve amassed can be a pain. Some people stick them in large compartmentalized boxes, others get the expensive metal storage drawers. Here is a simple and cheap DIY method to keep your SMD components organized. All you need is a soldering iron, a metal ruler,  […]

How to build a surface mount resistor and capacitor collection

This tutorial shows how to easily, and relatively cheaply, build a nicely organized SMD resistor, and capacitor collection. George likes using connectable tiny storage boxes, and filling them with resistor/capacitor kits from eBay. This is complemented by printing out labels for your storage boxes using the label design files for download. Via Twitter.