Back to the mc-17 remote control

Tim writes: After the Maker Faire, I went back to the Graupner mc-17 remote control. The Arduino library from tronixstuff for the KTM-S1201 LCD which is also using a mPD7225 controller was a good starting point. But to get the LCD up and running, it took quite a bit of fiddling and logic sniffing. Once […]

OpenHack Europe: Node.js and practical hacking with Javascript

The Yahoo-sponsored OpenHack Europe 2011 is in progress in Bucharest, Romania. One of the latest presentations was Reid Burke’s Achieving Greatness with Node.js. While only the slides are available at this time, they are quite informative and include links to additional content. If you’re wondering how this relates to open source hardware, see slides 24-25. […]

How-to use OLS to debug fpga

Jack Gassett put together a series of videos, at The Gadget Factory demonstrating how to debug the internal logic of an fpga using the open workbench logic sniffer. “When I was debugging the UART communications last week I discovered a new way to debug internal FPGA logic. I put together a screencast for those who […]

Sigrok: Open source logic analyzer client

We previously posted the Sigrok open source logic analyzer client.  They’ve done a lot of work and it now supports the Saleae Logic, EE Electronics XLA/ESLA100, and ASIX SIGMA. Open Logic Sniffer support is in progress, which will enable Bus Pirate support at the same time. The Logic Sniffer is $45, including worldwide shipping. The […]

Sigrok: Open source logic analyzer client

Bert tipped us to the Sigrok open source logic analyzer client. Sigrok is a multi-platform client that aims to support most common logic analyzer hardware. It currently only supports the Saleae Logic, but Open Logic Sniffer support is in progress. Preorder an Open Logic Sniffer for $45, including worldwide shipping. The OLS should start shipping […]