2.4 megasamples per second continuous AVR logic capture

From the comments on our earlier Turning the Freedom board into a Logic Analyzer┬ápost, Ralph Doncaster writes: For situations where the samples will fit in RAM, this is good. For long sampling periods I used a USBasp and a PL-2303HX to make a logic analyzer that can sample 2 lines at 2.4 msps or 8 […]

PL-2303HX bit-bang AVR programmer

Nerd Ralph writes: I’ve blogged before about PL-2303HX USB-TTL adapters. In some ways they are even better than the expensive FTDI adapters – for example they work at 6mbps. In conjunction with a cheap Pro Mini clone it’s possible to get started with Arduino/AVR programming for $5. For more advanced use such as burning bootloaders […]