Review: building publicLab’s DIY spectroscopy kit

Rohit writes,

I made a Opensource Spectroscope using the publiclab’s kit. I was surprised to see the kind of accuracy you can get from these easy to make Spectroscopes. I probed around a lot of light sources like LEDs, Sunlight, Tubelights and Bulbs. With LEDs I was able to estimate the forward drop in a RGB Strip for the different colors very accurately. The spectrographs of Sunlight confirmed the presence of IR and UV. The bulb’s spectrograph showed that it emits large amount of IR.The Tubelights ones showed that it is designed to render light very close to sunlight.

Quite Amazing science from a very easy to make scope.

You can read Rohit’s description of the build and review on his Indian Tinker blog and also at Instructables.

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