TaoBao shopping service Bhiner review

In relation to the previously posted Sourcing cheap parts on TaoBao, China’s eBay, Sleemanj did a review of the TaoBao shopping service Bhiner: It’s a real shame that those shipping fees are SO much higher than some other agents, because otherwise I was impressed with Bhiner’s efficiency and speed (paypal delay accepted), with their website (even with […]

PCB stencil service now available at Seeed Studio

Laser cut SMT stencil service  is now available at Seeed Studio: After using rapid-prototyping tools such as Arduino and Grove to finish your prototype, you must desire to DIY PCB and PCBA to make your designs more concise. To make PCB manufacturing easier and more affordable, we’ve provided 2-layer Fusion PCB Service & 4-layer Fusion […]

4-layer Fusion PCB service available at Seeed

Fusion PCB Service – 4 layers is now available at Seeed Studio: Now, let’s talk about today’s focal point— 4-layer Fusion PCB Service. Since providing 2-layer Fusion PCB service, we’ve received inquiries about 4-layer PCB constantly. Today, we are psyched to bring this service to you all! Our 4-layer Fusion PCB Service has the following features: […]

A tool to talk to chips – our 2600 magazine winter ad

Here’s our Bus Pirate winter ad in the latest issue of the infamous 2600: The Hacker Quarterly. This ad is in the issue that hits newsstands now. 2600′s free ads are still the only advertising we do on a regular basis. We’re in good company in the 2600 marketplace, TV-B-Gone has an ad a few […]

An ad in 2600:The Hacker Quarterly

Special thanks to the machinegeek for arranging the most recent ad in the infamous 2600: The Hacker Quarterly. This ad is in the issue that hits newsstands now. 2600’s free ads are still the only advertising we do on a regular basis. We’re in good company in the 2600 marketplace, TV-B-Gone has an ad right […]

How-to: build an 8×8 LED cube kit

Chris from PyroElectro presents this post explaining the process for building an 8x8x8 LED cube (that’s 512 LEDs) from a kit. This is essentially Chris’ review of the Jameco 8×8 LED Cube Kit. He explains both how to build the LED cube and how to make the electronics that control it. Visit PyroElectro for more […]

Olimex: A13-OLinuXino-WIFI Developer edition now available

A13-OLinuXino-WiFi boad (Rev-B) for developers is now available: Olimex has released the A13-OLinuXino-WiFi boad (Rev-B) for developers. It can be ordered for EUR 55 (incl. free shipping) via the Olimex web store. VAT will be added if you have no EU VAT-Id. A13-OLinuXino-WIFI – completely assembled and tested (SD card not included) with WIFI 802.11n […]

Workshop Video #37: USB and Open Source presentation 2012 first run through

This workshop video is an absolute first run-through of our USB & Open Source presentation for the Open Hardware Summit 2012. All comments are off the cuff. The final presentation needs to be just under 10 minutes. Don’t worry, there will be many changes: Explain the USB Implementers Forum with a line (via Twitter) Slide […]

Another review of Koba Electronics

Lategahn wrote a short review of the Koba Electronics store we visited on our Global Geek Tour of Singapore. Watch our video review of the Koba Electronics store. This shop definitely dwarfs the big European component retailers, such as Conrad with its variety of goods in stock plus delivers the same at fair prices. Amongst […]

Car Kracker hacks auto ISO 9141 data bus

Nicholas McClanahan over at GadgetGangster has written an article about their new project known as Car Kracker. It’s an automobile data bus interface based on the Parallax Propeller which interfaces with the data bus connector on select BWM, Mini and Land Rover models. It allows you to access, add and upgrade features such as add […]

MPLABX v1.2 has been released

Microchip released version 1.2 of MPLABX. We tested it over the last week and didn’t have any issues, but we’re reluctant to move big projects like the Bus Pirate over and find unexpected surprises. MPLABX IDE Features Provides a new Call Graph for navigating complex code Supports Multiple Configurations within your projects Supports Multiple Versions […]

Parallax Propeller retro pocket mini computer

Jeff Ledger wrote informing us of a retro-style computer based on the Parallax Propeller described in this Instructable. It utilizes the Pocket Mini Computer Kit from GadgetGangster. This board is based on the Propeller chip and includes VGA, audio and PS/2 keyboard ports as well as a microSD card slot and Wii controller port. The […]

Makeblock, the make-your-own-robot project!

Seeed Studio started selling Makeblock, a new Arduino controlled modular robotics platform. They are made of aluminum, and come in many modular shapes you can design your robot with: Makeblock is made of strong, hardened aluminum which is able to support the weight of an adult and more.  In conjunction with a more durable material, […]

RIP — Heathkit

After announcing last fall that they were re-entering the electronics kit business, it is now being reported that Heathkit Educational Systems has officially ended operations. According to the ARRL, it appears that the company discontinued operations in March or April, 2012, having previously laid off most of their workforce last December. This is certainly sad […]