AtPack: Atmel Pack parser, visualizer and fuse calculator

  AtPack – Atmel Pack parser, visualizer and fuse calculator from Vagrearg: Looking for an up-to-date fuse-calculator for the Atmel(*) AVR chips has been something of a long search. There are several online versions, but they have not been updated to the new chips (like the ATmega328PB). When you have got an itch, you simply scratch […]

App note: Atmel AVR465: Single-phase power/energy meter with tamper detection

A good read from Atmel on their 8-bit microcontroller single-phase energy meter design. Link here (PDF) This application note describes a single-phase power/energy meter with tamper logic. The design measures active power, voltage, and current in a single-phase distribution environment. It differs from ordinary single-phase meters in that it uses two current transducers to measure […]

App note: Differences between ATmega328/P and ATmega328PB

Differences between ATmega328/P and ATmega328PB (PDF!) application note from Atmel: This application note assists the users of Atmel® ATmega328 variants to understand the differences and use Atmel ATmega328PB. ATmega328PB is not a drop-in replacement for ATmega328 variants, but a new device. However, the functions are backward compatible with the existing ATmega328 functions. Existing code for […]

Atmel releases new low power MCUs

Atmel recently announced the release of their next generation of low power 8-bit MCUs. Promising to be pin compatible with previous ATmega family members, these “The Atmel mega168PB, mega88PB and mega48PB are available in 32-pin QFN and QFP packages with additional devices available later this year. All devices are sampling now. Production quantities for the […]

App note: Calibration of the AVR’s internal temperature reference

Another app note from Atmel, calibration of the AVR’s internal temperature reference (PDF!) This application note describes how to calibrate and compensate the temperature measurements from the ATtiny25/45/85. It can also be used on other AVR® microcontrollers with internal temperature sensors. The temperature measurement is based on an on-chip temperature sensor that is coupled to a single […]

App note: Voltage reference calibration and voltage ADC usage

An app note from Atmel,  voltage reference calibration and voltage ADC usage (PDF!): Features • Voltage reference calibration. – 1.100V +/-1mV (typical) and < 90ppm/°C drift from –10°C to +70°C. • Interrupt controlled voltage ADC sampling. • Calculation of voltage and temperature from voltage ADC measurements. Some of the new Atmel AVR Smart Battery devices contain […]

App note: Digital sound recorder with AVR and DataFlash

An app note from Atmel, digital sound recorder with AVR and DataFlash (PDF!): This application note describes how to record, store and play back sound using any AVR microcontroller with A/D converter, the AT45DB161B DataFlash memory and a few extra components. This application note shows in detail the usage of the A/D Converter for sound recording, the Serial Peripheral Interface […]

App note: Using the USI module as a I2 C master

This application note (PDF) from Atmel describes the implementation of a TWI master: The Two-wire serial Interface (TWI) is compatible with Philips’ I2C protocol. The bus was developed to allow simple, robust and cost effective communication between integrated circuits in electronics. The strengths of the TWI bus includes the capability of addressing up to 128 devices […]

App note: 8-bit RISC microcontroller

Here’s an app note (PDF!) for In-System Programming Solution for AVR microcontrollers from Atmel: Features • Complete In-System Programming Solution for AVR Microcontrollers • Covers All AVR Microcontrollers with In-System Programming Support • Reprogram Both Data Flash and Parameter EEPROM Memories • Complete Schematics for Low-cost In-System Programmer • Simple Three-wire SPI Programming Interface This application note […]

App note: Using the AVR’s High-speed PWM

Atmel’s app note on using the AVR’s High-speed PWM (PDF!): This application note is an introduction to the use of the high-speed Pulse Width Modulator (PWM) available in some AVR microcontrollers. The assembly code example provided shows how to use the fast PWM in the ATtiny26. The ATtiny15 also features a high-speed PWM timer. The fast PWM […]

Using the AVR hardware multiplier

Here’s how to use the hardware multiplier to make a multiply-and-accumulate operation (MAC), an app note from Atmel (PDF!): Features • 8- and 16-bit Implementations • Signed and Unsigned Routines • Fractional Signed and Unsigned Multiply • Executable Example Programs The megaAVR is a series of new devices in the AVR RISC Microcontroller family that includes, among other […]

ATXMega Primer

Shawon Shahryiar over at Embedded Lab talks about Atmel XMega in this tutorial: At present we have different families of XMega devices. Of these many we are focused toward the AU series only throughout this post and its following ones. I’ll explain later why I’m interested in this series. This is the first post of a series of posts […]

App note: EMC design considerations

Ever wonder why your project acts funny and sometimes causes unexpected outcome then one of these reasons are interference and how they inject into or emit from your designs. Learn more about EMC from Atmel’s design consideration notes. The electromagnetic environment is getting tougher. High-frequency radio transmitters,  like mobile telephones, are found everywhere. More and […]

App note: Long Delay Generation Using the AVR Microcontroller

Here’s an app note from ATMEL presenting a solution for microcontroller long delays. The solution presented here shows how the AVR AT90 series microcontrollers (AT90S2313, AT90S4414 and AT90S8515) generate and handle long delays. On-chip timers are used without any software intervention, thus allowing the core to be in a low-power mode during the delay. Since […]

App note: Using the A/D Amplifier on AT90PWM

Here’s an application note from Atmel for using the 10-bit ADC amplified conversion on AT90PWM (PDF!): ADC features on Atmel® AVR® AT90PWM devices: – 10-bit ADC amplified conversion with differential inputs – Programmable gain – Internal voltage reference The AT90PWM devices feature a 10-bit successive approximation ADC. The ADC is connected to an analog multiplexer […]

App note: Using the XMEGA external bus interface

Here’s an application note from Atmel describing how to use the external bus interface fount on the XMEGA series AVR microcontrollers. The XMEGA External Bus Interface (EBI) is a highly flexible module for interfacing external memories and memory addressable peripherals such as LCD controllers and advanced communication controllers. The EBI module has four separate Chip […]

DIY RF Transceiver using MRF49XA and AT90USB162

William Dillon has posted his initial work on a prototype USB RF data packet Transceiver dongle using the MRF49XA and an Atmel AT90USB162 micro controller. He embarked on a journey exploring the development of packet formats and protocols, as well as types of error correction. This open source project’s details, code links, schematic and photos […]