Bus Pirate cables arrive from DirtyPCBs.com custom cable service

We received 100 Bus Pirate cables using our pinout color scheme from DirtyPCBs.com custom cable service. The cables were just over $1 each for 100 pieces. The primary reason we ordered these now is to get a feel for how the pinout color scheme works in practice before we commit to it permanently. The leads […]

BUS PIRATE: pin order and cable colors

The Bus Pirate pinout was supposed to be intuitive, except for one Arduino-like mistake. Each protocol uses the same pin for similar functions, and the pins used are supposed to “walk” up the row. 1-Wire uses Master Out Slave In (MOSI, pin number 1). I2C uses MOSI (1) and CLOCK (2). UART uses MOSI (1) […]

New Bus Pirate v3 probe cable with labels and male pins

Seeed Studio has a new Bus Pirate v3 probe cable in stock. This cable was prototyped with help from the community using our L-Mark shrink tube printer. Review and posts here. Easily connect to chips with this probe cable for Bus Pirate v3.x (all versions). Each wire has a convenient male pin header for easily […]

Free PCB Store restock: Heat shrink labels for Bus Pirate probe cable

Bus Pirate v3 heat shrink probe labels are available now in the free PCB drawer.  A random collection of heat shrink labels for Bus Pirate v3 cables. We made these when experimenting with an L-Mark LK-320P printer. 3mm diameter shrinks to 1.5mm or smaller. Random collection of yellow and white.

Bus Pirate probe cable prototypes and giveaway

Prototype Bus Pirate probe cables with heat shrink labels arrived today. We sent professionally printed heat shrink tubes to the cable people (white) and they attached them to 100 cables. We printed our own shrink labels on the L-Mark LK320P and attached them to 100 cables in-house (yellow). Results and cable giveaway below!

Bus Pirate cable professionally printed shrink tubes

Professionally printed shrink tubes arrived for the Bus Pirate probe cable prototype we discussed yesterday. 110 each of 10 labels cost 180RMB ($30). These are about about 5x more expensive than printing them ourselves on the L-Mark (ribbon+tube cost). The the print quality is more consistent than ours and the font nicer, but when it’s […]

Bus Pirate breadboard probe cable

Zbig shared his approach to the breadboarding cable for the Bus Pirate. I use single pins soldered to the cables and secured with some shrink tube. I make the labels with Brother P-Touch label maker on a special flexible tape (TZ-FX series). Get your own handy Bus Pirate for $30, including world-wide shipping. Also available […]