New Bus Pirate v3 probe cable with labels and male pins

Seeed Studio has a new Bus Pirate v3 probe cable in stock. This cable was prototyped with help from the community using our L-Mark shrink tube printer. Review and posts here. Easily connect to chips with this probe cable for Bus Pirate v3.x (all versions). Each wire has a convenient male pin header for easily […]

Free PCB Store restock: Heat shrink labels for Bus Pirate probe cable

Bus Pirate v3 heat shrink probe labels are available now in the free PCB drawer.  A random collection of heat shrink labels for Bus Pirate v3 cables. We made these when experimenting with an L-Mark LK-320P printer. 3mm diameter shrinks to 1.5mm or smaller. Random collection of yellow and white.

Bus Pirate cable and L-Mark LK-320P heat shrink printer

We’ve been on a multiyear quest to make a durable, affordable, usable probe cable for the Bus Pirate. The one currently sold by Seeed is inexpensive (good) but I’ve never been a fan of the probe hooks used. I typically use male:female, or female:female individual probe wires sold in bundles at Seeed, Adafruit, etc. With […]