Seeed’s Pick and Place machine

More about Seeed Studio’s new Pick and Place machine: We don’t want to keep pushing our PCBA factory any more. All factories in Shenzhen prefers quantity to keep their machine running, so small orders will take high setup fee and unnecessary lead time. It might take only half day to assemble 100 pcs Bus Pirate but […]

Hardware (design) will cut you

Amanda gave a Toorcon talk about the about the perils of the electronics design process. The hardware design process is fraught with pitfalls, from library component sketchiness, parts availability, erroneous data sheets, underestimates of complexity and long lead times. Designing good hardware on time, on budget and to specifications is like being in a knife […]

Advertising: Options for a kit biz

Dangerous Prototypes has always been a word-of-mouth operation. We survive on the traffic we get when you submit our projects to your favorite blog. Over the next few months we’re going to document our experience buying advertising, and try to figure out if it makes sense for us. We’ll share real numbers about the price, […]

Introducing Dangerous Prototypes green, yellow, and red label

Our goal is to make stuff we enjoy, and offer it to like-minded hackers at a price we’d pay. We’re always looking for ways to improve the quality of our projects, but we still want to release prototypes for people who accept the risks of open source, enthusiast-designed hardware.  We’ve settled on two major changes […]

A few words on Million dollar baby

Adafruit gave a presentation at Foo Camp about businesses that make money selling open source hardware. We’re ecstatic to be included in the ‘approaching a million in revenue’ category with household names like Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories, Bug Labs, and DIY Drones. It went down like this… pt sent an email to a bunch of […]