Bus Pirate cable professionally printed shrink tubes


Professionally printed shrink tubes arrived for the Bus Pirate probe cable prototype we discussed yesterday. 110 each of 10 labels cost 180RMB ($30). These are about about 5x more expensive than printing them ourselves on the L-Mark (ribbon+tube cost).

The the print quality is more consistent than ours and the font nicer, but when it’s shrunk on the cable there’s little difference. We can probably print these ourselves and get the cost of the cables a little cheaper.

These were mailed off to the cable manufacturer who offered to attach them for free. Tomorrow we’ll post the results of probe cables using these labels, as well as our own in-house printed and shrunk labels. Look for a probe cable giveaway tomorrow too!


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  1. Will you be testing durability of the printed characters? I’d be worried about the printing rubbing off over time.

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