The factory of the world – Hackaday documentary on the Shenzhen Ecosystem

The factory of the world – Hackaday documentary on the Shenzhen Ecosystem When it comes to manufacturing, no place in the world has the same kind of allure as the Pearl River Delta region of China. Within just an hour-long train ride, two vastly different cultures co-exist, each with its unique appeal that keeps attracting […]

Open Electronics interviews Adrian Bowyer, father of Rep Rap project

Open Electronics interviews Adrian Bowyer about the Rep Rap project and the  future of open source Desktop 3D printing: We took the chance to ask Adrian a few questions about RepRap, the present and future of 3D printing and few other topics: this interview also deals with highly discussed topics such as the future of […]

Mill CPU interview on Hackaday

Interview: New Mill CPU Architecture Explanation for Humans: Hackaday had an amazing opportunity to sit down with [Ivan Godard] who discussed the Mill CPU development which his company — Out of the Box Computing — has been working on for about a decade. The driving force behind Mill development is that optimizations to existing architectures […]

FarmBot founder Rory Aronson explains Precision Agriculture

Open Electronics posted an interview with Rory Aronson, FarmBot founder: If you have not yet discovered project Farmbot, this interview will be a revelation to you. The project in question, has the ambition to bring digitalization into one of the oldest processes in society, that of agriculture.

The Amp Hour interviews Ian about Dangerous Prototypes

Yesterday Ian talked with Chris and Dave on The Amp Hour podcast. Hear about how Dangerous Prototypes got started in the open source hardware, the Bus Pirate, and Sick of Beige cases and standard PCBs. We also discuss how our fulfillment with Seeed Studio functions, and the process of developing a project from idea to […]

Hack a Day interviews Ian at the World Maker Faire

Ian talks about the massive Nixie tube thing and the standard PCBs to Hack a Day. The goal of our standard PCB format is to make it super simple to design a project that fits in a bunch of different cool, open source cases. Grab our Eagle library or KiCAD board templates to use Sick […]

Q&A with the developers of Codebender web-based Arduino IDE

Codebender is a new web-based development environment for the Arduino. Everything happens online, they even figured out how to upload new sketches from the browser. Before you groan about another locked-up software as service startup hear this: it’s open source! We talked to Codebender about the project. Walk us through your project Our goal is […]

chipKIT followup and interview with elektroniktidningen

Swedish publication elektroniktidningen did a short interview and writeup [machine translation] about our chipKIT editorial. Here’s the English Q&A from our emails: Did you get any feedback from Microchip on this issue? The other companies involved in chipKIT – the hardware designer, the software developer – left comments on the article. Nobody from Microchip has […]

Interview with Dangerous Prototypes at Open Source Hardware Junkies

Last week Ian did a Skype interview with Open Source Hardware Junkies. It’s up today, listen in if that’s your kind of thing: Need to figure out a chip…fast? Bus Pirate may be just what you have been looking for. Designed by Dangerous Prototypes, the Bus Pirate is a universal bus interface that can slash […]

Plunify online FPGA compiler conference call

MP3 download Plunify is an online compiler for Altera and Xilinx CPLDs/FPGAs. The developers’ goal is to build an interface to instant license and computer resources for large FPGA projects. Download the MP3 to hear more about their start-up and some of the difficulties they face with compiler licensing. We’re interested in Plunify because it […]

LeafLabs conference call

MP3 download LeafLabs makes a 32bit Arduino compatible board called Maple. The board comes with a 72MHz 32bit STM32 ARM processor, and lots of extras like integrated LiPo battery charging. They shot us an email about the new Maple Mini. It had a snarky note in regards to our chipKIT coverage: while Microchip is getting […]

Plunify interview questions

Tomorrow we’re talking with Plunify, the developers of an online compiler for Altera and Xilinx CPLDs/FPGAs. They added the CPLD dev-board demos to a list of project examples, and made a tutorial video. We put together a how-to when we tested it. Unfortunately, Xilinx has not yet given Plunify permission to use the compiler in […]