Q&A with the developers of Codebender web-based Arduino IDE

Codebender is a new web-based development environment for the Arduino. Everything happens online, they even figured out how to upload new sketches from the browser. Before you groan about another locked-up software as service startup hear this: it’s open source! We talked to Codebender about the project.

Walk us through your project

Our goal is to supplement, or even replace, the Arduino IDE. I’m proud to say we are now reaching a stable beta phase, with a really great editor, Clang for improved error reporting, and we have even developed a technology that enables us to flash a USB connected Arduino straight from the browser, without the need to install any software, as well as an Ethernet TFTP bootloader that allows us (and everyone else, since it’s completely open source) to flash any Arduino with Internet connectivity anywhere in the world.

Will your software as service be open sourced? eg making your site source available for download?

Our project is already open source. You can download it on guthub. We’ve separated the code in 3 independent projects. The web app, which takes care of project management and hosting on the cloud, the web code editor, and all the social aspect, the web compiler, which can be hosted independently and takes the software code as input and returns the compiled hex or the errors found, and the Java Applet we use to flash the Arduino straight from the browser.

The Java Applet is not open source yet. We’ll be releasing it once we are done with some code-signing, and separating our certs and the code

We have also released the TFTP Ethernet bootloader, which was started and abandoned by the Arduino team. We are currently making it ready to be used with the Arduino IDE as one of the bootloaders/boards, and we’ll be posting it on news blogs when this is done.

How can we help

I would really appreciate your comments and suggestions, and I am sure you will love this new way of programming your Arduinos. You can take a first look of our web app on our site.

I’m glad to say that we’ve launched! As of now, we are live, we are accepting per-registrations from people and we’ll be adding them incrementally to make sure our servers can handle the traffic.

I’d appreciate any help spreading the world. And thank you for being great.

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  1. I teach robotics at the University of Puerto Rico. I just found about Codebender for Arduino and I already feel so happy!

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