MPLAB X IDE v2.05 released

Microchip has announced the release of MPLAB IDE v2.05. This release provides:Major performance improvements in opening and closing projects. Added Emulation Header Data Breakpoint comparisons on , !=. Avoid building projects when tool options are changed that do not require a rebuild. ASM hyperlinks to labels and Include files. Jump Trace added for 33/24EP devices. […]

Linux full screen problems solved with MPLAB X version 1.3

Microchip released the version 1.3 of their MPLAB X IDE, and it seems the full screen issue was solved for Linux users, as reported by Arhi. He also reports finding the Integrated Programing Environment installed with MPLAB X, apparently since v1.2. This is a standalone app for programing with PM3, ICD3, PICKIT 3, and Real […]

Microchip anounces new cross-platform MPLAB XC compilers

Microchip has announced that it will release new cross-platform MPLAB XC C compilers by the end of March. They come in 3 versions depending on PIC family: XC8 is for 8bit, XC16 for 16bit, and XC32 for 32bit microcontrollers. Microchip is releasing MPLAB XC C compilers in the upcoming weeks.  There will be three, one […]

Midnight deadline on MPLAB® X Beta Sweepstakes

Midnight Mountain Standard Time TONIGHT (March 31, 2011) is the deadline to enter the MPLAB® X Beta Sweepstakes! Microchip appreciates your feedback on MPLAB X and wants to reward you! Enter to win a variety prizes when you complete this sweepstakes form and you could win MPLAB X t-shirts, coffee mugs, playing cards and more! […]

Test a Bus Pirate firmware compiled with MPLAB X

doegox compiled a Bus Pirate firmware with optimizations in MPLAB X. With optimizations enabled the main firmware can fit all the add-on modes. We need some help checking if the optimizations broke anything, please test it if you have an opportunity. You can get your own handy Bus Pirate for $30, including world-wide shipping. Also […]