The Amp Hour interviews Ian about Dangerous Prototypes

Yesterday Ian talked with Chris and Dave on The Amp Hour podcast. Hear about how Dangerous Prototypes got started in the open source hardware, the Bus Pirate, and Sick of Beige cases and standard PCBs. We also discuss how our fulfillment with Seeed Studio functions, and the process of developing a project from idea to production. Open 7400 competition was mentioned, as well as the idea of hosting an open lab tool contest next year.

Go and listen to the latest show.

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  1. Huh, I had no idea iAn (not to be confused with a future Apple product of the same name) had anything to do with TinyOS. I was just looking at that yesterday…!

    1. It may be wonderful now and highly polished, but the equipment I was dealing with was really poor. Now there are dozens of mote hardware designs, most open, and they seem much more robust. Especially an MSP430+CC1100 (or later) radio combo, super low power stuff.

  2. Just finished listening, really enjoyed it. I like your honest and humble nature. Did you finnish your dissertation or stopped working on it to do more interesting stuff?

    1. That particular dissertation project bombed terrifically for technical reasons, and my inability to articulate a contribution to knowledge that made anyone (including me) happy. It was cool tech though!

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