Plunify online FPGA compiler conference call

Plunify is an online compiler for Altera and Xilinx CPLDs/FPGAs. The developers’ goal is to build an interface to instant license and computer resources for large FPGA projects. Download the MP3 to hear more about their start-up and some of the difficulties they face with compiler licensing.

We’re interested in Plunify because it gives programmable logic newbies a way to try simple CPLD development boards without downloading a 4gig compiler. Plunify added our CPLD tutorials to their demo projects, and made a how-to video. We put together a step-by-step guide when we tested it.

Unfortunately, Xilinx has not yet given Plunify permission to use the compiler with an online service, so the tutorial is no longer live…

We talked to Plunify about what happened happened, and asked your questions from the forum.

A short summary of the Q&A is below. Followup questions are welcome.

Thanks to Kirvy and Harnhua for the interview. Check out Plunify for free.

Previous interviews.

Sorry about the sound quality, the local audio was accidentally recorded through the webcam microphone.

Plunify online FPGA/CPLD compiler (Kirvy Teo and Harnhua Ng)

You say it’s more than just an online interface though. What is Plunify?

Interface to licenses and computer resources. An accelerator for crunch periods.

Scripting interface to service gives  seamless access to online compile resources.

When and why did you start it? What’s your background in FPGA?

07-09 were startup years. Both have experience in the FPGA industry. Harnhua worked as a senior engineer with Xilinx.

What’s it like to be a startup in Singapore?

Startup is a full time job. There’s lots of state money, but no venture capital community.

We worked together to get the to get the tutorials for our Xilinx CPLD development boards in the Plunify service. It was really slick and easy to use. However, Xilinx hasn’t given you a license to to use the compiler in that way and we couldn’t launch it.

What happened, and what the arrangement was before

Used free version without a license. Xilinx didn’t want it to be used this way, and this service is discontinued.

What are plans for the future, will you get them on board?

Users could help by asking for online services.

Other companies ok with this? You currently support Altera FPGAs/CPLD

Altera has been more receptive.  Currently working on an arrangement with Altera.

What about other small players. Lattice is making an effort to get the DIY community with their XO boards and competitions.

Lattice is a possibility, hope to expand in the future.

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  1. I’ve tried Plunify and can attest that it offers a valuable service to FPGA designers. I’m looking forward to getting access to Xilinx tools once the issues are resolved.


  2. Hmmm….
    and they get access to all the FPGA source code people submit to be compiled for free.

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