chipKIT followup and interview with elektroniktidningen

Swedish publication elektroniktidningen did a short interview and writeup [machine translation] about our chipKIT editorial. Here’s the English Q&A from our emails:

Did you get any feedback from Microchip on this issue?

The other companies involved in chipKIT – the hardware designer, the software developer – left comments on the article. Nobody from Microchip has contacted us. Microchip is a huge company, and our contacts are all in the chipKIT group. They all pushed for the open source drivers too, it was other parts of the company that said no. We really support what the chipKIT group is trying to do, and hoped that writing about this raised awareness of the roadblocks they face. The part of Microchip pushing closed source stuff on chipKIT should know that their customers, and the community they’re marketing to, are aware of the issue and expect better.

The blog entry is from end of August, do you still stand behind it? Weighing in in the comments you received om your blog post – did that move your position? How would you state your position?

Despite getting lots of anti-Microchip comments, the editorial wasn’t too critical. It’s easy to stand behind. We don’t expect Microchip to make anything open source at all, most companies don’t! We’re disappointed that they didn’t follow through on their marketing hype and support chipKIT with open source software and drivers.

Google’s Swedish to English translation of “Microchip” is “Analog Devices” in this article.

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