Bus Pirate v3.5a-SOIC DIY edition free PCB build

Sleepwalker3 posted pictures of his free Bus Pirate v3.5a SOIC DIY edition PCB build.  These boards were designed with the larger SOIC PIC microcontrollers, making them easier to solder for beginners. Get an assembled Bus Pirate for $30, including world-wide shipping. Also available from our friendly distributors. Via the forum.

NEW PRODUCT: Surface mount protoboard SOIC

Dangerous Protoboard: Bus Pirate v3/SOIC is now available for $10.  This is Sjaak’s special Dangerous Protoboard for working with SOIC chips and SMD parts, it includes a Bus Pirate v3 connector for easy testing. It has footprints for: 0805 parts (59x) SOIC chips from .150″ to .3″ (max 112 pins) SOT23-3 (16x) 26×10 pin through-hole […]