Bus Pirate in a transformer case

BADnetwork made a Bus Pirate case out of an unrepairable transformer. We really like how he soldered a button to the PGC and PGD ICSP pins to enter the bootloader for updates.

I bought one of these on eBay, It turned out faulty, so stripped it down, turned out it was unrepairable. Looked at the case, and it looked similar to the size of my BP. Turned out its a very nice fit. After cutting a cable access on the top, a cut out for usb, mounting a button for activating the bootloader, and a bit of double sided foam tape to mount it – it was put together. I’ll post an image later (I can’t find my camera).

Total Cost – £2.40

Many thanks to Ian, and the rest of the developers for the Bus Pirate. Its been invaluable in my project development.

See our case video from a few weeks ago, and even more awesome DIY cases from Bus Pirate fans.

Get an assembled Bus Pirate for $30, including world-wide shipping. Also available from our friendly distributors.

Via the forum.

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