Buspirate issues solved?


Recently the forum is flooded with people that are experiencing troubles with the Buspirate v3.6. Pieter in the forum was no exception. He first tried the Buspirate on his Windows 8.1 and Vista machine and went to the forum after finding out hise buspirate didn’t respond to anything. The supportteam in the forum suspected the PIC was not programmed or counterfeit FTDI chips were used. In the mean time Pieter tried the buspirate on more different machines and was dazzled it did work on a Crunchbang (Debian flavour) workstation. He investigated it further and tracked the error down to the latest FTDI driver (2.08.30), after de-installing and installing an earlier version of the driver (2.08.28) (scroll down to find the older version).

More info about the process on his blog and please report if this also works for you.

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  1. It’s totally possible there’s other reasons, but requiring older versions of drivers to work is a common sign of counterfeit chips, when the real vendor adds in checks for known counterfeits in the latest version. E.g. http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=173676.msg1311792 is an example of counterfeit FT232RLs which only worked when downgrading drivers (the thread then veers off into confusion over the vendor’s replacement adapters using a CP2102).

    1. Samual, do you have the latest board (Bus Pirate v3.6 (apr 2012) Seeed 10/09/13)?

      Jack, makes a point. Might contact FTDI to ask them how we can detect this chip from an original.

      1. Hi Samual,

        I used the tool (that is much better then doing it manual in the device manager). Uninstalled the older version (.28) and installed the latest driver (.30). That did not work. Uninstalled (with the tool) the newer, installed the older and the Bus Pirate works again..
        The question is, did FTDI changed something in their latest .30 drivers to prevent counterfeit chips from working. If that is the case then I am sure Seeed will send a replacement.

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