Workshop Update for July 19th, 2012

Today we mainly worked on the Workshop Video. Illustration for the Sick of Beige laser cutting tutorial is complete. As is the documentation for the recently released Bus Pirate LCD adapter v3. We updated an early prototype of the Bus Blaster v4, and put together the BOM for that project so we can get a […]

Workshop Update for July 16th, 2012

Free PCBs are being mailed. We’re trying really hard to find a way to go to Singapore’s first Maker Faire at the end of the month. Our USB talk was accepted to the Open Hardware Summit so we’re working on the presentation now. In response to Dave’s suggestions we made modifications to our Bus Pirate […]

Bus Pirate on EEVblog and 2×8 connector support on LCD adapter

Dave over at EEVblog tested an HD44780 LCD, and he used the Bus Pirate and LCD adapter in his demo. In the video he works with an LCD that has a 2×8 header, but the LCD adapter only supports a 1×16 type. Here’s a prototype LCD adapter board updated with an optional 2×8 LCD header. […]

Workshop Update for June 7th, 2012

The workshop video always sucks up a whole day, this one way longer than normal to edit though. Learn about the parts we stock and why. Routing of the soldering practice badge continues today. We set the design using 3 ‘595 shift registers, and one ULN2003 Darlington array. Two ‘595s control power to 15 columns […]

LCD adapters for the Bus Pirate v4

Pietja made two LCD adapters for the Bus Pirate v4: First a cheap, fast, bi-directional passive adapter. The second adapter is an update on the existing BPv3 adapter with PWM or manual control for the backlight and contrast. On both adapters the BP can sense the contrast voltage, there are solder jumpers to select the […]

Prototype: Bus Pirate LCD adapter v2

The Bus Pirate LCD adapter v2 enables the mysterious LCD mode on your Bus Pirate. The Bus Pirate can’t control an HD44780 LCD alone, it needs help from a few extra parts. Read the how-to and build your own adapter, or buy it assembled for $9. The v2 adapter is a complete rework of the […]