Seeed to offer solder paste stencil services soon

Posted on Monday, February 4th, 2013 in PCBs by DP


In response to our post about a competitor offering cheap solderpaste stencil services Seeed Studio announced they are working on the same.  Expect them to be available after the Chinese New Year break.

Yes! We are preparing that, will available after Chinese New Year! ;)

Via the comments.

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17 Responses to “Seeed to offer solder paste stencil services soon”

  1. neslekkim says:

    way cool!, hope it will be an easy way of ordering them together with the pcb’s.
    Will one need to export other files from Eagle, or will the soldermask templates be the source for this?

    • You wouldn’t want to use the soldermask for that since the holes in the mask usually is larger than the pads, and you wouldn’t want to get solder paste on the pads for thru-hole parts either.

      Luckily the Seeedstudio gerber-cam file already exports the correct layers as separate files. It’s the .GTP/GBP files that is made out of the tCream/bCream layers. Should be easy as pie… :-)

  2. Greg Fenton says:

    Excellent, getting the PCB and the stencil from the same place can only increase accuracy and turnaround time.

  3. Zeta says:

    Are you sure? That quote was from a response to a question about 4 layers boards. I think they were talking aout it not solderpaste stencils.

  4. Ian says:

    I know sure they will be doing stencils, from the man himself :) Not sure about 4 layer boards.

  5. ESP says:

    Nowhere to hide…

    We are going to offer both 4 layer PCBs and stencils! First thing after Spring festival, we will calculate and optimize the price and release by then. Also trying to fasten the delivery time by packages…

    Feel free to let us know your needs, sorry for being deaf and lazy till Ian knocks~ ; )

    • neslekkim says:

      Earlier i saw pcb’s was delivered vacuumpacked?, I got mine pcb’s today, loose in an bag, so I hope when stencils can be ordered, that stencils and pcb’s are packed in a way that doesn’t destroy the stencil.
      Now, my pcb’s was just some small adapterboards, so that’s ok, but wanted to mention it.

      And, the ability to put the seeed ordernumber on the pcb is gone after the change of ordermethod, but luckily the text seeed adds on the pcb is very tiny. :)

  6. Elpis says:

    Any news about the stencils? I want to order a couple of PCB designs and I am holding everything in order to order together with a stencil…

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