Prototyping your PCBs in Europe or in China?

To use European or Chinese based PCB prototyping services is the question Electronics Lab tries to answer. They order the same PCBs from an European and a Chinese PCB manufacturer, and compare the quality and price differences. Based on their review the quality is the same, while the Chinese board is more than 5 times […]

Seeed Studio vs ITead Studio PCB service head to head

Florin made a head to head comparison of Seeed and ITead’s inexpensive PCB services. He made the orders with the same design files, on the same day. While the Seeed order came in after 4 weeks, ITead’s came just 15 days after the order was made. The author however suspects it might have been a […]

ITead mystery PCBs: Arduino Nano v3.0 and LED driver

Tayken used ITead’s openPCB service, and got 2 extra boards along with the 8 he ordered. He was successful in identifying one as the Arduino Nano v3.0 (left). Unfortunately the other was only labeled as a LED driver board (center) without any other info. The board on the right is the one he ordered, it’s […]

ITead mystery PCB: TFT digital picture frame by Erick Aubin

Arhi received a mystery PCB with his last ITead PCB order: TFT digital picture frame with in built Real-Time clock and thermometer Designed by: Erick Aubin I assume B1 is a big capacitor, something like 22000uF or similar (judging from the size), USB-BUB is some ft232 or similar usb 2 uart board, x1 is some […]

Chemically etched stainless steel stencils from ITead

ITead started offering chemically etched stainless steel stencils. They’re usually used for easy solder paste placement on SMD boards. They recommend their stencils for SMD components with a pin spacing greater than 0.5mm, and passive components in 0603 packages and above. Stencils are 0.1-0.2mm thick, and are supplied with supporting frames. Available frame sizes range […]