Arduino stepper motor driver tutorial

Here’s a tutorial from :  Arduino stepper motor driver with the Logic Shrimp logic analyzer This tutorial shows how to explore an inexpensive stepper motor and driver board using an Arduino and included stepper library. The stepper motor and driver board can be purchased on eBay at very low cost, and is an ideal educational project for the […]

MSP430 LaunchPad 4 channel logic analyzer update

OPossum already designed a MSP430 LaunchPad logic analyzer based on our Logic Shrimp. In the latest update he decided to follow our lead in changing the 4 23K256 SRAM ICs for a single 23LC1024 IC. Preliminary design of a 4 channel version using the new 23LC1024 SPI RAM. Hope to find some time this weekend […]

3D Model: Logic Shrimp v2b

Today’s 3D model is the Logic Shrimp v2b. The newer version uses the single 23LC1024 SRAM instead of four 23K256, and the serial data lines (SD0 – SD3) are now bi-directional. The Logic Shrimp is a 4 channel, medium speed, low cost logic analyzer with 256K samples and 20MHz top speed. Check out our tutorial […]

MSP430 Launchpad Logic Analyzer based on the Logic Shrimp

oPossum built a 6 channel logic analyzer booster pack for the MSP430 Launchpad. His design is inspired by the Logic Shrimp and used SPI serial interface RAM chips to store samples. The MSP430 software is SUMP compatible and works with Jawi’s OLS client. This is a logic analyzer add-on for the TI MSP430 Launchpad. It […]

Logic Shrimp release package v2.0

Over the last few weeks we did a massive cleanup and reorganization of our SVN code repository. Most projects now follow a standard directory structure. All our in-progress and stalled project files are now completely open and available to anyone. We also included all the manufacturing resources used to initiate production at Seeed, and the […]

NEW PROTOTYPE: Logic Shrimp logic analyzer

The Logic Shrimp is a medium speed, low-cost logic analyzer with a USB interface. It can capture up to 256K samples at 20MHz, and is compatible with the open source SUMP logic analyzer client. The 23K256 serial SRAM from Microchip makes this project possible. Each chip stores up to 256K samples from one logic analyzer […]