Workshop Update for September 6th, 2012

Posted on Thursday, September 6th, 2012 in Workshop Update by DP

We received a box of goodies and shared them on the blog. We also got our order from Mouser, and got to test fit the ATX Breakout Board Sick of Beige case pre-production version. Video editing ate up a huge chunk of our time, but we did get to test out the power supply for our Nixie tube board.

We searched for some app notes that we’ll feature over the coming weekends.

Work on the ATX Breakout Board v2 continues on KiCad. We had to go back and fix the binding post pads, as the were not showing up on the gerber files.

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  1. chrismec says:

    I have been a long time fan of mouser and use them quite often. But recently while trying to find parts that Mouser did not currently have in stock, I found Avnet. It turns out they are quit a bit cheaper than mouser on many of the parts that I order. Just wanted to pass that along : )

    • ewertz says:

      I’ve been trying to turn others onto Avnet, too. In the last two years they’ve made amazing headway on getting prototype quantities of many more parts orderable. On my most recent project I’ve been able to source about 75% of my BOM (with subs, 100pc run) through them, at about 30% lower cost — sometimes single-digit qty prices are 10-20% of (*of*, not *off*!) Digikey. On a tight budget, this really can be the difference between being able to do, or not do, a project.

      And shipping for first 10lbs is almost always a flat $8, unlike everyone else who won’t tell you how much shipping will be until it’s too late. The big exception that I’ve found is TI parts which always seem to require a separate $8 shipping charge from Avnet.

      I will concede that ordering and getting things ASAP is nearly frictionless from DigiKey/Mouser (esp. DigiKey) compared to anyone else. And there are still bazillions of things that you can’t get small quantities of, or get in the States) from Avnet, whereas the bots at DigiKey just bag and ship it. But for 40% off (YMMV) most of my BOM, I’ll wait the extra day or so, or have to do the online chat once to find out if my order isn’t known to be on its way in 48 hours.

      The cats strongly prefer DigiKey because of that super-shredable packing paper that they use, so even the occasional Digi-Key small qty reaming has a silver lining.

      My “Like” levels for DigiKey, Mouser and AvnetExpress are pretty close, but the latter gets 90%+ of my BOM.

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