Nixie clock HV power supply

Luca is building a Nixie clock, and in this post he covers the high voltage power supply section.

Nixie tubes are digit displays that use ~170V between the digit wire and a wire mash, to agitate the gas inside the tube. This surrounds the digit wire with a orange glow and it becomes visible through the tube.

Luca is using the MAX1771 based DC/DC boost converter to supply the high voltage required. This DC/DC steps up the 9-12V input to 180V output, as a bonus it has an additional 5V output for the rest of the circuit board.

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  1. Hi…
    I need to generate 100v, 30mA to 40mAin max1771 …I got only the 50 to 60% of output only
    while i’m connecting the load 1k to 10K V& I goes to low ….. plz help me to
    I need 100v @40mA and 1k to 10k constant current @ the load

    1. MAX1771 uses an external switch, inductor, diode. Tell us what MOSFET, inductor, diode you used. And by that I mean not only the rated values, but the parts, packaging, etc. If you don’t select the right parts to meet your performance target, switching supplies won’t work well.

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