App note: A practical look at current ratings

An app note from Alpha & Omega Semiconductors about proper way of evaluating MOSFET’s power handling capability based on how much loss it will generate based on the application conditions. Link here (PDF) System designers are often faced with the task of selecting the most suitable power device from a wide array of products from […]

App note: How to generate a negative voltage using buck converters?

An app note from Alpha and Omega Semiconductor on using their AOZ1016 buck regulator to generate negative voltage. Link here (PDF) The negative voltage source is widely used in various applications such as computing systems, LCD panels, audio amplifiers, etc. Using the additional secondary winding of a transformer is the widely used approach to generate […]

App note: Start-up test using electronic load

An app note from Alpha and Omega Semiconductor on importance of start-up power behavior to diagnose and prevent unwanted inrush current. Link here (PDF) Electronic loads, such as Chroma 6310 series, can be configured as constant current (CC) mode, constant voltage (CV) mode and constant resistance (CR) mode. In CC mode, the load will sink […]

App note: Buck converter control cookbook

An Alpha and Omega Semiconductor app note for their AOZ101X buck controller using peak current mode control. Link here (PDF) A Buck converter consists of the power stage and feedback control circuit. The power stage includes power switch and output filter. It converts a higher input voltage to a lower output voltage. The feedback control […]

App note: Selection of three locations of current sense resistor in buck converter

Sensing current utilizing MOSFET’s Rds(on) and Inductor’s DCR in different location discussed in this app note from Alpha and Omega semiconductor. Link here (PDF) In current mode converters, current sense resistor can be placed in three locations: input loop, output loop and freewheeling loop. The pros and cons are discussed in details. The principles and […]

App note: Paralleling power MOSFETs in switching applications

Application note from Alpha and Omega semiconductor on proper design of circuit and PCB layout to balance parallel MOSFETs. Link here (PDF) This paper discusses issues involved in paralleling MOSFETs in high-power, high-frequency switching applications. It investigates root cause problems such as unbalanced voltage and current by taking a closer examination of PCB layouts and […]