App note: Using trench technology MOSFETs in hot swap applications

Safely use trench MOSFETs on hot swap application by determining its operation within its SOA in a limited time, app note from International Rectifier. Link here (PDF) Hot Swap circuits are used to allow for “Hot Plugging” of circuit boards into back planes. The applications that require such functionality are mission critical, such as servers […]

App note: Hot-swap circuits

Here is an tutorial from Maxim describing hot-swap circuits, and the advantages of dedicated hot-swap ICs over discrete component circuits. Hot-swaps are designed to protect the rest of the circuitry when power is applied. Inrush current limiting, circuit breaking, over and under voltage protection, etc.. This application note discusses hot-swap ICs. Typical hot-swap circuits are […]

App note: Automatic current-limiting in hot-swap applications

Maxim describes how current limiting functions on their MAX5976 Hot-Swap IC. This chip is useful for hot-swap applications, it allows the safe insertion and removal of circuits while the power is applied. Because the MAX5976 and similar devices use a single resistor to set soft-start and overcurrent protection levels, simple changes to the basic application […]