App note: Power MOSFET continuous drain current rating and bonding wire limitation

App note from Alpha & Omega Semiconductor about current limitations on MOSFETs with exposed pads. Link here (PDF) Power MOSFET datasheets will usually show maximum values for continuous drain current Id, on the first page of datasheets. For bottom exposed part such as DPAK, TO220, D2PAK, there is always a note besides Id rating saying […]

Simple current limiter is programmable

rsdio tipped us to an app note on a simple current limiter. This circuit lets you program a current limit without using microcontrollers or data converters. It consists of a charge-pump voltage doubler (U1), a current-sense amplifier (U2), and two n-channel MOSFETs. The sense-resistor value determines the maximum current limit. Thanks rsdio!