App note: Using trench technology MOSFETs in hot swap applications

Safely use trench MOSFETs on hot swap application by determining its operation within its SOA in a limited time, app note from International Rectifier. Link here (PDF) Hot Swap circuits are used to allow for “Hot Plugging” of circuit boards into back planes. The applications that require such functionality are mission critical, such as servers […]

App note: Class D audio amplifier performance relationship to MOSFET parameters

Application note from International Rectifier on MOSFET paremeters to consider when designing a Class D audio amplifier. Link here (PDF) Class D audio amplifier is a switching amplifier that consists in a pulse width modulator (with switching frequency in order of several hundred kHz), a power bridge circuit and a low pass filter. This type […]

App note: Gate drive characteristics and requirements for HEXFET power MOSFETs

App note from International Rectifier on driving their Power MOSFETs. Link here (PDF) The conventional bipolar transistor is a current-driven device. A current must be applied between the base and emitter terminals to produce a flow of current in the collector. The amount of a drive required to produce a given output depends upon the […]

App note: Power factor correction using the IRS2500

Drop in replacement power factor correction chip IRS2500 from International Rectifier. Link here (PDF) Many offline applications require power factor correction circuitry in order to minimize transmission line losses and stress on electrical generators and transformers created by high harmonic content and phase shift. Appliances often incorporate switching power supplies (SMPS) which include capacitive filter […]

App note: Heatsink characteristics

Application note from International Rectifier on various method for thermal management. Link here (PDF) In many electronic applications, temperature becomes an important factor when designing a system. Switching and conduction losses can heat up the silicon of the device above its maximum Junction Temperature (Tjmax) and cause performance failure, breakdown and worst case, fire. Therefore […]

App note: Current sensing high side switch

App note from International Rectifier on their IR331x part which offers a bunch of power protection and control all in one chip. The new IR331x devices designed in P3 technology provide more accuracy of the current feedback. The IR331X devices suit for any application where the load current sensing is required. IR331X is fully protected: […]

App note: Current ratings of power semiconductors and thermal design

Here’s an app note from International Rectifier discussing on semiconductor’s limitations. This application note described the methods commonly used to calculate peak junction temperature in a power circuit. It also explains the assumptions behind the current ratings of power semiconductors.

App note: How P-Channel MOSFETs Can Simplify Your Circuit

An app note from International Rectifier on using P-Channel MOSFETs P-Channel HEXFET Power MOSFETs offer the designer a new option that can simplify circuitry while optimizing performance and parts count. In principle, nothing can be done with a P-Channel MOSFET that cannot be done with an N-Channel plus some extra gate drive circuitry. The main […]

App note: Class D Audio Amplifier Basics

A good read about class D Audio Amplifier, an app note from International Rectifier A Class D audio amplifier is basically a switching amplifier or PWM amplifier. There are a number of different classes of amplifiers. This application note takes a look at the definitions for the main classifications.