App note: MOSFETs withstand stress of linear-mode operation

App note from IXYS talking about MOSFET operating in linear region in application like electronic load. Link here (PDF) Power MOSFETs are most often used in switchedmode applications where they function as on-off switches. But in applications like electronic loads, linear regulators or Class A amplifiers, power MOSFETs must operate in their linear region. In […]

MightyWatt: 70W Electronic Load for Arduino

Jakub designed and built a programmable electronic load for Arduino, the MightyWatt R3: MightyWatt R3 is a programmable electronic load. That means you can use it for testing batteries, power supplies, fuel cells, solar cells and other sources of electrical power. You can also make a programmable power supply from a fixed-voltage power supply and MightyWatt […]

A 400W (1kW Peak) 100A electronic load using linear MOSFETs

Kerry Wong built a 400W/100A electronic load using linear MOSFETs:  I bought a couple of IXYS linear MOSFETs (IXTK90N25L2) a while ago to test their capabilities when used as electronic load, and the result was quite impressive. So I decided to build another electronic load using both MOSFETs. As you can see in the video towards […]

App note: Adjustable Electronic Load for Low Voltage DC Applications

Here’s an old but still good app note from Unitrode (Texas Instruments) on Adjustable Electronics Load. Testing power supply regulation over a specified output current range is greatly simplified with the use of an adjustable electronic load. Load current can be varied from zero to the full rated value with the twist of a panel […]

Building a constant current/constant power electronic load

Kerry Wong built a DIY constant current/constant power electronic load.  It can sink more than 200W of power: A while back I built a simple constant current electronic load using an aluminum HDD cooler case as the heatsink. While it was sufficient for a few amps’ load under low voltages, it could not handle load much higher than a […]

Building an adjustable constant current load

Here’s a project log covering the build of an adjustable constant current load. It’s capable of sinking up to 7A, and can withstand input voltages up to 60V. The log covers the design, perfboard assembly, and case assembly. An adjustable power load is a piece of test equipment that often comes handy in the development […]