Process Automation: Relays and triacs

Andy Brown designed and built this relays and triacs controller board that he could use to automate his homebrewing process: The heaters, fridge and fans that control the temperature in my brew fridge need to be switched on and off and that’s what this board is designed to achieve. As you can see from the diagram […]


Matthew Reed writes: HydroBot is a modular control system for automating hydroponic gardens. This system is designed with three objectives in mind. First, it will facilitate optimal growing techniques by using scheduling and feedback control loops to maintain state and adapt to changing conditions. Second, it will simplify controls interfaces, making setup and use easier […]

OpenSprinkler Firmware 2.1.1 new feature: Control remote power sockets

We previously covered Ray’s OpenSprinkler. Now it has added a new feature to remotely toggle radio frequency power sockets: This allows OpenSprinkler to not only switch sprinkler valves, but also easily control powerline devices such as lights, heaters, pumps, fans. Looking for a programmable way to control Christmas lights? Look no further! This feature is […]

OpenSprinkler Firmware 2.1.0 released

Ray Wang from RaysHobby announces the release of OpenSprinkler Firmware 2.1.0. OpenSprinkler is an open-source, Arduino-based, web-connected sprinkler controller. This new firmware is a major upgrade that introduces a number of new features, including automatic weather-based watering adjustment (using real-time data from, timezone and DST detection, logging, and a new unified mobile interface. It […]

App note – Distribution automation and the smart grid: Coming of age with a new set of challenges

Another good app note from Maxim – Distribution automation and the smart grid: Coming of age with a new set of challenges The combination of aging electricity grid infrastructure and renewable portfolio standards present new challenges in the distribution automation space worldwide. In this application note, we review three key areas: asset protection, security, and asset management. […]

Automated irrigation system using MSP430 and relay board

arduinoversusevil has posted details on automating  irrigation system with the MSP430: It took about 3 hours to get most of the water out. Standing next to a noisy compressor, chooching a lever back and forth is no fun. This year, I got smrt. I dug through my junk bins and found a metric shit ton of timer […]

Email controlled Raspberry Pi dog treat machine

Give Judd (Visla breed K9) treats through emails, and get back a picture of him eating it. This is the idea behind the Raspberry Pi powered Judd treat machine. The Judd Treat Machine, as shown in the youtube video below, is a Raspberry Pi based dog-treat-dispensing machine!  A combination of various skillsets (CAD, machining, fabrication, […]

ActiviTea – physical data-scraping in action

The crew from Imagination Labs wanted to track the number of cups of tea consumed at their office. They designed Activitea, a project incorporating a series of sensors placed throughout the London Imagination office that count the cups of hot drinks made in every kitchen. “The prototype consists of 3 objects: 1. A ‘tea counter’ […]

Low-tech Arduino based cell phone trigger

William Finucane of posted this article describing a simple low-cost means of activating devices remotely via telephone. I wanted to be able to call my house and turn on the lights and television during nights when I was away on vacation. What’s more, I didn’t want to spend any money on cell phone bills […]

Arduino-controlled espresso machine

Gleb Polyakov and Igor Zamlinsky of Atlanta, GA have designed this proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controlled espresso machine. Based upon their observations after reverse engineering a number of espresso units, the pair worked on developing a machine which would be reasonably priced, open source, be espresso pod compatible and have a PID controller. Temperature and pressure are […]

USB Infrared Toy: WinLIRC, irGraph

There’s a new IR Toy/WinLIRC tutorial that shows how to decode remote controls on your computer. WinLIRC doesn’t control things alone, but it works as a plugin with automation programs like EventGhost to control your computer using a remote control with almost any protocol. For instant satisfaction, try the WinLIRC irGraph tool. It shows a […]