USB curve tracer for NPN transistors

Dilshan Jayakody documented his USB port base NPN transistor curve tracer project: Curve tracer is an electronic test instrument to analyze the characteristics of transistors and other discrete semiconductors. In this post we construct USB base curve tracer to analyze properties of NPN transistors. This curve tracer is build around Microchip’s PIC18F4550 MCU and it use […]

Yet another semiconductor V/I curve tracer – II

Kerry D. Wong posted an update on his semiconductor V/I curve tracer we covered previously: In my previous post, I showed my design of a semiconductor V/I curve tracer and discussed its theory of operation in detail. As promised, I will share some of the test results here. If you have not read my previous article, […]

Yet another semiconductor V/I curve tracer – I

Kerry D. Wong writes: Semiconductor curve tracers were frequently used in analog circuit designs many decades ago, at a time when discrete semiconductor devices were in dominance and ICs were scarce. While curve tracers are no longer widely used nowadays due to the ubiquity of digital circuitry and computer aided designs, they are still quite […]