Scott’s Z80SBC: Z80 single board computer

Dr. Scott M. Baker published a new build: When I was first getting started with electronics, wanted a Heathkit ET-3400 Microproccessor trainer, but could never afford one at the time. Eventually both I and the world moved on, to fancier more capable computers. However, I’ve still always wished I had an iconic trainer, complete with […]

Repairing a 1960s mainframe: Fixing the IBM 1401’s core memory and power supply

Ken Shirriff wrote a great article describing the repair process of  the vintage IBM 1401 mainframe computer: The problem started when the machine was powered up at the same time someone shut down the main power, apparently causing some sort of destructive power transient. The computer’s core memory completely stopped working, making the computer unusable. […]

Mini version of the OSI-300 trainer

Here’s Christopher’s mini version of the OSI-300, he wrote a post on his blog detailing its assembly: The OSI Model 300 Computer Trainer was advertised by Ohio Scientific Instruments in 1976 as a computer designed to introduce individuals to computers and teach them the basics of programming the MOS 6502 processor. The original trainer consists […]

Single chip AVR BASIC computer

Dan over at HackAday documented his single chip computer project with the PCBs from DirtyPCBs: A single AVR microcontroller (the ATmega 1284P) has been used to create a standalone computer system which runs the BASIC programming language. The 1284P runs TinyBASIC Plus, generates RCA video signals (using TVout) and reads PS/2 keyboard input. A single sided […]

A computer kit from the ’70s: Ithaca Audio Z80 CPU card for the S100 bus

Fabio Battaglia  blogged about his Ithaca Audio Z80 CPU card for the S100 bus project: First of all, I assembled some simple test code to write a letter on my video console, just to check that code was actually executing. Obviously I only got a black screen at first, which seems a constant when I build […]

ReCoMonB – Real Computer Monitoring Block

Ivan Creations made this ReCoMonB (Real Computer Monitoring Block) and wrote a detailed explanation on his blog describing the build: I managed to de-virtualize the CPU/MEM/HDD/NET stats and now I have them physically represented on my desk. The device that does that is named ReCoMonB – Real Computer Monitoring Block. I have also made the […]