Therm RTD

Matthew Reed writes: Therm RTD is an addition to the Therm PID Controller family, with support for RTD temperature sensors. RTDs (or Resistance Temperature Detectors) use a coil of fine wire made from a material (usually platinum, copper or nickel) that has a very predictable temperature coefficient of resistance (or change in resistance as temperature changes). […]

Open source PID controller (DIY Arduino shield)

Tom posted his Arduino PID controller shield in the project log forum: Program a temperature profile to mash beer or reflow solder. Here’s how. This full featured open source PID controller uses a DIY stripboard shield for Arduino Uno and compatible boards. Firmware based on osPID massively revamped and extended, blood was sweated over new auto […]

osPID, an open source modular PID controler

The osPID  is an open source modular PID controller. PID is used to monitor a process and provide feedback, such as the temperature controller on a DIY reflow over or sous-vide cooker. The main board has an Arduino and a user interface panel with an LCD and a few buttons. Two daughter boards are used […]