PIC24 bedside table alarm clock

Markus Gritsch posted pictures of his PIC24 bedside table alarm clock in the project log forum: Another year, another clock, but for the first time for my alarm clocks. I am not using an MSP430 but a PIC24 instead. Standby current is with 5.5 µA only slightly higher than that of my MSP430 based ones. Time keeping is […]

Designing a PIC24 development board

Brian Dorey has designed and built a PIC24 development board, that is available at GitHub: One problem we found was trying to prototype code using this microcontroller as unlike Arduino and any ARM microcontrollers there isn’t a small easy to use prototyping board available for the PIC24 chip.  Microchip make an Explorer 16 Development Board which […]

MCC8 – PIC24 based CHIP-8 game emulator

Here’s another project by Mats the handheld PIC24-based CHIP-8 emulator game console: This is a small handheld PIC24-based CHIP-8 emulator game console. A cheap Noika 1202 LCD is used as the display and a CR123A 3 volt lithium battery for power. CHIP-8 is an interpreted programming language, developed by Joseph Weisbecker. It was initially used on […]

PIC-based game development platforms

FUN BitPack is designed for developing games on Orbit16 PIC24 and PIC32 development boards. It has a Nokia 3310 display, a Joystick, two buttons, and a buzzer: FUN BitPack is suitable for making hand-held videogames such as our “ORbitSnake”, a Snake game version for ORbit16 (see Below). To enter the bootloader with FUN BitPack attached, […]

16 instrument drum machine using PIC24

Matt designed and built a PIC24 based drum machine. It has samples of 16 different instruments, that can be be stored at 16 different channels, into 16 time positions. The video above demonstrates his project in action. It’s a mini drum machine modelled on classic machines like the Roland TR808. My version is digital, playing […]

Library supports all PIC hardware peripherals, ported to the Web Platform

The Web Platform is now supported by the PIC24 library collection of examples and functions for working with PIC24 hardware peripherals. It features a getting started guide, a library with lots of useful functions, and a simple event driven operating system. The PIC24 support library supports all the major subsystems of the PIC24: clock configuration, […]

Microchip PIC24 development kit for Android

Here is Microchip’s response to the Arduino based hardware for use with Google’s ADK. Microchip has announced the release of the Microchip PIC24F Accessory Development Start Kit for Android™. This is a standalone board used for evaluating and developing electronic accessories for Google’s Android operating system for smartphones and tablets. Microchip’s PIC24F Accessory Development Starter […]