DIY USB volume knob


Markus Gritsch made a nice USB volume control knob for his computer:

After having been inspired by this Instructable [1] I also wanted to make a nice looking volume knob to attach to my computer.
It uses the TrinketHidCombo library [2], but on a Digispark board, to have one more I/O pin which I use to drive a WS2812 LED ring. The code to bit bang the LEDs was taken from one of Josh’s excellent articles on WS2812 LEDs [3]. I also experimented with other WS2812 libraries (NeoPixel, light_ws2812, FastLED), but they consumed either quite a lot of flash, or prevented the USB part from functioning.

Via the project log forum.

Check out the video after the break.

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  1. Hmmm, nice control knob. I didn’t listen to the vid’s audio, but I hope that thing has auto-light-off, otherwise a week of that light will drive anyone to bite chunks into the desk… :-)
    But y’know what, after having one wire less (via a wireless mouse), I’m sure as **** not going to add a new wire to my desktop area.
    It’s a bit dissonant for dinosaurs like me to read about new folks selecting hardware boards and selecting and discarding software libraries to suit their projects. The days of scavenging old appliances for parts seem so, so far away, makes me feel a bit like a scavenger in Jakku…

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