ytimer, visual feedback timer

Here’s Aon’s finished project the ytimer  a visual feedback timer. We wrote about it previously: A countdown timer with super bright 7-segment displays that flash when the time is up, instead (or in addition to) an audible alarm. The design is based on a PIC16F886 microcontroller which drives the displays using a TLC5916 LED driver and dual […]

Universal digital timer 4 – Proof of concept

Zoltán Gömöri  writes: I started the development of the counter. First of all I should proof if I can create a display/button matrix which can handle the two display digit and the two pushbuttons. I picked the double multiplex display a fist of diodes and pushbuttons and a launchpad. Here is the result. I’ve topped the […]

App note: Using the WeX timer/counter extension

Here’s an application note from Atmel:  Using the WeX timer/counter extension (PDF!) This application note describes the various functions of the Waveform Extension (WeX) to Timer/Counter 4/5 available on the Atmel® XMEGA® E.  It details the differences and improvements according to the AWeX extension to Timer/Counters of the previous XMEGA (see AVR®1311 Application Note).  Included […]

7400 competition entry: Beeping down counter

Chris decided to enter another project into the Open 7400 Logic Competition. The beeping down counter, as it’s name suggests, is a pre-settable timer which beeps and uses a display to show the seconds left on the timer. The goal of this project is to duplicate the down counting circuit used by the character Ivan […]

7400 competition entry: TimeBonder 275

Sigitronic built the TimeBonder 275 and entered it into the Open 7400 Logic Competition. It is a versatile timer that uses the mains frequency as the clock signal, both 50Hz and 60Hz are supported.  It can time events ranging from 100ms to 99.9s with a resolution of 100ms, or up to 999s with a resolution […]