App note: Challenge and Response with 1-Wire® SHA Devices

Another app note from Maxim Integrated about challenge-response security on 1-wire devices. Link here (PDF) Challenge-response can be a secure way of protecting access to any privileged material if implemented correctly. In this document, many options for challenge-response access control are discussed but the most secure method given is presenting a different random challenge on […]

App note: 1-Wire communication with PIC microcontroller

An application note (PDF!) from Microchip on 1-Wire communication with PIC microcontroller: This application note introduces the user to the 1-Wire® communication protocol and describes how a 1-Wire device can be interfaced to the PIC® microcontrollers. 1-Wire protocol is a registered trade mark of Maxim/Dallas Semiconductor. A software stack for the basic, standard speed, 1-Wire master communication […]

iButtonLink T-Sense 1-wire sensor (Maxim DS18B20) + PIC 18F14K22

Chas over at PNW/Electronics writes: I came across a stash of iButton T-sense 1-wire sensors.. so I grabbed a couple and decided to check out 1-wire. Maxim makes a 1-wire device called the DS18B20. It’s a 9-12 bit temperature sensor with the possibility of being powered by parasitic power from the data line. This cuts […]

App note: Implementing an Isolated 1-Wire Bus

An app note from Maxim:  Implementing an Isolated 1-Wire Bus The 1-Wire® bus has become increasingly popular for the authentication and calibration of sensors and consumables in medical equipment, where galvanic isolation is required. Building on application note 4206, “Choosing the Right 1-Wire Master for Embedded Applications,” this article explains how to modify existing 1-Wire […]

App note: Advanced 1-Wire Network Driver

This reference design shows how to drive long 1-Wire networks. 1-Wire is a communications protocol used by some Dallas/Maxim parts. The protocol uses only one wire for power, transmission, addressing, and synchronization. This document describes a microcontroller-based 1-Wire master interface for reliable operation of small, medium size and large 1-Wire networks. This is accomplished using […]

Bus Pirate: DS28EA00 temperature sensor demo

wortelsoft demonstrates the DS23EA00 1-Wire digital thermometer using the Bus Pirate: The DS28EA00 is a, 1-wire temperature sensor. It features selectable 9/10/11/12 bit resolution with a typical accuracy of ±0.5°c, alarm function and user-programmable upper and lower trigger points. Special to this sensor are the two io pins which can be used for sequence detection […]

EEPROM with single pin interface

Two years ago Microchip introduced serial EEPROMs with UNI/O. The speciality is the single pin data interface, so the memory chip needs only 3 pins including power. This can be great help for the smallest 6-pin microcontrollers like PIC10F or ATtiny10 series which doesn’t have any non-volatile memory writable from application itself. Memory densities range […]

Free PCB Sunday: Bus Pirate demo board

We go through a lot of prototype PCBs, and end up with lots of extras that we’ll never use. Every Sunday we give away a few professionally-made PCBs from one of our past or future projects, or a related prototype. Our PCBs are made through Seeed Studio’s Fusion board service. This week we’re giving away […]

Bus Pirate IC test PCB

A discussion in the forum led to the creation of a new chip demonstration/test PCB for the Bus Pirate. This board has spaces for several commonly-sampled I2C and 1-Wire devices, and an HD44780 LCD tester: I2C 24LC EEPROM (PTH and SMD) TC74 temperature sensor (PTH) DS1085(L)/DS1077(L) frequency generator (SMD) PCF8563/DS1307 real-time clock (PTH) MCP3021 analog […]

Bus Pirate: Binary 1-Wire mode

See the latest version in the documentation wiki. The Bus Pirate’s new binary modes provide a consistent, logical way to script actions from Python, Perl, etc. We’ve already introduced the new binary bitbang, SPI, I2C, and UART modes. This post outlines the last planned binmode addition, 1-Wire functions. A completed binary mode will be in […]

Bus Pirate: Chip demonstrations

Here’s a comprehensive list of Bus Pirate chip demonstrations. It includes Ian’s old demonstrations from Hack a Day, and the most recent demos from Dangerous Prototypes. Tutorials are arranged by Bus Pirate hardware version. Bus Pirate v2&v3 Firmware v0g new feature demonstration PCF8563 real time clock calendar (I2C) ShiftBrite with A6281 3 channel LED driver […]