Global Geek Tour Singapore: Food

Posted on Wednesday, August 8th, 2012 in Global Geek by DP

The food in Singapore was amazing. Here is a collection of food related pictures we took on the Singapore Global Geek Tour.

First up, our favorite Japanese beef bowl (Guydon) place Yoshinoya has a location in Bugis junction!

Yoshinoya oishii desu! Extra ginger please…

In and out in 2 minutes. Tokyo kine!

Wagyu beef brisket sando at Brewerkz.

Chicken rice at Maxwell hawker center

Beer uncle took care of us at #02-058 Chinatown complex Hawker center. Good dumplings from #02-135. Near Koba Electronics.

Shooting finished on Singapore Global Geek tour 2012. Back at good beer company for IPA and garlic fish head

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2 Responses to “Global Geek Tour Singapore: Food”

  1. Drone says:

    The price of beer in Singapore is outrageously high IMO. But you can ease the pain by buying the large bottles of beer at hawker stalls. Many will ask if you want to take the bottles away.

    I see you had the obligatory plate of Chicken Rice. But I didn’t see a big plate of fiery red Singapore Chili Crabs! Everyone who visits Singapore should have Chili Crab at least once.

    Have a nice trip back…


    • Ian says:

      We did get some Chili Crab, these are the only ones where I though to take a picture before my hands were too covered in food to tweet a pic :)

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