Global Geek Tour Singapore: Koba Electronics shop

Posted on Monday, August 6th, 2012 in Global Geek by DP

Today we made one last trip back to Koba Electronics in Singapore’s China town to pick up some gifts and goodies. Here’s the latest pictures from our Twitter feed. They couldn’t fit anything else in this shop if they tried. Very extensive selection of parts, especially connectors.

If all goes well, we’ll have our Geek Tour video up by Thursday. Check out more parts in this crammed shop below.

Ian squeezes through KOBA Electronics with his treasures

Extra long dip sockets and and pin header

The usual part bins with resistors and capacitors

Flat and ribbon cables

Motors, motors, and motors

Bulk bags of parts. Note the decent probe clips

Display wall horizontal view

Bought some LCDs and giant segment displays for Sjaak

More parts hanging in plastic

Great way to display parts

Belts and other robot parts

Speakers hanging in strips


Potentiometer wall

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12 Responses to “Global Geek Tour Singapore: Koba Electronics shop”

  1. I’m strangely drawn to this place. Nice, and keep the photos coming!

  2. JTR says:

    That is insane. Nothing like that in Australia. Now where did I put my passport?

  3. Chuckt says:

    I need to send these photos to Radio Shack.

  4. Jack KZ4USA says:

    WOW wish we had a store like this in my town.

  5. philip says:

    motors motors motors and awsome large LED displays!

  6. Drone says:

    Hey Ian, I’ve never been to this one. What’s the address and phone number for this place? Do they have a Web site? BTW, I couldn’t make it to Singapore, so missed out :-( Looks like you had fun… Regards, David in Jakarta

      • Drone says:

        Thanks Gel Banana, Now I see that shop is in “People’s Park Centre”. Turns out I have been there before, but it was at least several years ago. At that time I didn’t see much there that I couldn’t get at Sim Lim. But it looks like it’s time for another visit.

        Hey Jan, Martin Electronics specializes in tube audio gear. Lots of related parts, NOS tubes and related new and vintage parts. I go there when I need HV stuff like orange-drop caps. Very nice people there. Hang out and listen to some records. There’s another guy in Sim Lim that handles tube amps and stuff, but not exclusively like Martin.

        Regards, David in Jakarta

  7. Jan says:

    Hi Ian, I have been in that shop literally hundreds of times, it is beyond awesome..

    See here:

    Another one worth seeing is in Burlington square (sext to Sim Lim Square) at ground level, I think it is called Martin Electronics. An old lady sits behind a counter with a large soldering iron in her hands, inbetween huge shelves full of vacuum tubes and handcrafts finest tube audio gear. Ask for a demo session! Enjoy! Jan in Frankfurt

  8. Ian says:

    I’ll post a Google map layer you can load on your phone as soon as I get back. Right now enjoying the Airco and looking forward to finishing up shooting and going home :)

  9. ND says:

    Visited the shop yesterday – oh yes, it is awesome. Difficult to find quickly what you need, but the staff is extremely helpful. So far this is the only shop that can match the “Superjunk” shop in Akihabara in Tokyo – and they both are in a same style.
    If you decide to visit it just allow ample time!

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