Global Geek Tour Singapore: Updates from Singapore

Today was our first day the Singapore Global Geek Tour. We visited some electronics shops, and had some chow.

We’ll make a full report when we get back, but in the meantime we posted some pics from today on our Tweeter feed. First stop was the Koba electronics shop pictured above. Rest of the pics are below.

We had some lunch at a Hawker center in Chinatown, Singapore.

Schematic and repair manuals in Sim Lim tower.

Sim Lim tower electronics shop.

DC motor wall in Sim Lim tower.

Knobs for Sjaak (forum member) at Sim Lim tower.

Head magnifier for arhi (forum member) in Sim Lim tower.

PCB manufacturer reps in Sim Lin tower.

Sim Lim tower floor 4. Not too shabby.

On to Sim Lim square.

Phone repair shop in Sim Lim square.

Visiting Singapore Hackerspace now for gator night. Amazing tour so far.

Mats shows off some of his projects.

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  1. Another place you can go to is Kelantan Lane which is just opposite Sim Lim Tower. There’s a shop that do custom cut acrylic. There’s one that sells all sorts or screws and plenty of shops that sells raw metals

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