Python on the web platform?

Markus Gritsch writes:

python-on-a-chip (p14p for short) recently got a branch to support PIC24 and dsPIC crontrollers. I got it to compile and the simulator in MPLAB shows it functioning. I mentioned the Web Platform in their mailing list and maybe both projects can share some synergy effects.

It would be nice to use Python on the Web Platform to talk to the peripherals. Bus-Pirate-feeling for the Web Platform.

Thanks for the tip, this sounds like a fun project.

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  1. I can see in theory how the p14p should work on a 80mhz 32-bit dsPIC33.. but, according to the python-on-a-chip wiki it also can run on a 16mhz 8-bit atmega!

    Is there any reason why this lightweight python vm wouldn’t run on the bus pirate (PIC24F)?

    I’m sure the new bus pirate firmware, v5.8, and the pySerial program + pyBusPirateLite library, works great in the pirate’s binmode, but wouldn’t the pic running a native python vm be ideal??

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