Maker Faire Detroit: Cool projects

This heading may be overly broad, but we found an abundance of impressive things that didn’t seem to fit in the other categories. These students at Melvindale High School (and their advisor, Randy Thomas) won third place in a robotics competition with this ROV they constructed.  They plan to continue improving it.  They told a story […]

Maker Faire Detroit: Iron pour

It’s hard to overestimate the awesomeness of seeing metal splash around like water.  Seeing Chicago Crucible transform small heaps of busted up iron into awesome art by using fire seemed to be a highlight for many. The raw materials, from old radiators and such like, busted apart with sledgehammers, measured out with scientific precision.

Maker Faire Detroit: Kid friendly

Organizers had planned many areas specifically targeted to kids, and they seemed to be having a great time. The Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum had a great tent full of interactive exhibits and such for children, old and young.  Here’s a musical instrument played by placing the hand within a certain distance range of some proximity […]

pyBusPirateLite support for Windows

There is a new version of pyBusPirateLite, the Python library for interacting with the Bus Pirate.  It now supports Windows versions of Python. You can download the latest version from the Bus Pirate SVN Repository, or a package containing just pyBusPirateLite.  See the wiki page on Bus Pirate Scripting in Python to get started.