Sensorless Brushless DC Motor Drive with MSP430

A booster board for the MSP430 LaunchPad controls brushless DC motors with or without sensors. A bunch of double NPN transistor MBT2222AD ICs drive the motors: I thought that I would share my project on the forum. I call it BLDC Booster. It is a booster pack for the MSP430 LaunchPad that allows for sensored […]

Loggrid – Power line frequency and voltage monitor/logger

Matseng is currently developing a power line frequency, and voltage monitor. The design is meant to monitor the quality of the line power and log to an SD card for later computer analysis. He is sharing his development through GitHub and discussing it in the forum. I’m thinking of doing this project on two separate […]

CNC stepper controller

Bearmos designed a 3-axies CNC stepper motor controller. It has a ATX connector, allowing it to be powered from a computer power supply. The motors are driven via onboad driver chips, while commands are received from the computer Via the parallel port. This board is mainly designed to be inexpensive, have lots of indicators for […]

LOpen logic probe detects high, low, and floating pins

LOpen is a PIC-based logic probe that fits inside a pen. It detects if a pin is at a logic ‘High’, logic “Low”, or at high impedance (floating). This time it’s a Logic Pen controlled by a tiny 6-pin PIC10F202. The PCB is 5 cm by 5mm so it fits just fine inside a regular […]

DIY Audio function generator

DIY Audio function generator¬† is a low-distortion function generator which operates in the Audio frequency range. Conventional function generators use a square wave signal to generate the other waveforms like triangle, or sine wave. This approach adds noise to the sine wave output, which is the one waveform Eric wants for his audio development. His […]

Open source soldering iron driver update

Arhi has been busy debugging noise from PTC type soldering iron sensors. The problem was the sensor’s sensitivity to the current used as a bias. If the current used is greater or less then 1mA the sensor picks up too much noise. In the latest revision of the Soldering iron driver both PTC and TC […]