App note: Thermal design calculations for integrated stepper motor driver solutions

Another technical note from STMicroelectronics on fine tuning motor drivers for optimal thermal design. Link here (PDF) One constant trend in the automotive world is the tendency to reduce the size of electronic components and the ECUs (Electronic Control Unit). While this development has many benefits for the car manufacturer as well as for the […]

Drive a stepper motor with acceleration and deceleration using an Allegro driver on ATmega8

Davide Gironi writes: This library drive a stepper motor using the Allegro A3967 (EasyDriver) on ATmega8. It will also work on the Allegro a4988, and other type of motor driver controlled by the number of pulse received. It features: direction changing speed changing acceleration and deceleration multiple motor driving stop spinning after number of step, […]

Arduino stepper motor driver tutorial

Here’s a tutorial from :  Arduino stepper motor driver with the Logic Shrimp logic analyzer This tutorial shows how to explore an inexpensive stepper motor and driver board using an Arduino and included stepper library. The stepper motor and driver board can be purchased on eBay at very low cost, and is an ideal educational project for the […]

CNC stepper controller

Bearmos designed a 3-axies CNC stepper motor controller. It has a ATX connector, allowing it to be powered from a computer power supply. The motors are driven via onboad driver chips, while commands are received from the computer Via the parallel port. This board is mainly designed to be inexpensive, have lots of indicators for […]