Teardown and repair of an Agilent 53152A 46GHz microwave frequency counter

Agilent 53152A 46GHz frequency counter teardown and repair from The Signal Path: In this episode Shahriar investigates a faulty Agilent 53152A 46GHz frequency counter. The instrument does not power on and shows no sign of internal voltage presence. Teardown of the instrument reveals a large PCB where all analog and digital circuity is contained. The power supply […]

Teardown, repair & calibration of a Valhalla 2701C Programmable Precision DC voltage standard

A teardown and repair of a Valhalla 2701C Programmable Precision DC voltage standard from The Signal Path: In this episode Shahriar examines a faulty Valhalla 2701C Programmable Precision DC Reference instrument. Valhalla Scientific’s 2701C Programmable Precision DC Voltage Calibrator delivers ultra-precision, ultra-stable DC voltage from 100 nanovolts to 1200 volts. This unit does not have a working […]

Go analog with a resistance-based calculator

tanishqjain340 wrote this instructable detailing the build of his analog calculator project: Do simple calculations with your math box. The next time you need to crunch a couple of numbers, resist the urge to grab a digital calculator. Instead, round up some variable resistors, also known as potentiometers, and wire them into an analog mathematics rig. By twisting […]

Color organ – LED light show

Want a simple light show in your room? Here’s an Instructable on how to build your own. The Color organ is all analog and built from only transistors, resistors, capacitors, and of course LEDs: Audio source can be any “line level” output from audio equipment, or headphone output from computer sound cards and iPod/MP3 players. […]

DIY Audio function generator

DIY Audio function generator  is a low-distortion function generator which operates in the Audio frequency range. Conventional function generators use a square wave signal to generate the other waveforms like triangle, or sine wave. This approach adds noise to the sine wave output, which is the one waveform Eric wants for his audio development. His […]

How to read several infrared sensors using one MCU pin

Oscar has written an article describing a technique he’s used for reading multiple analog sensors with one MCU ADC pin. He was designing a line-following robot and wanted to read several infrared sensors without having to dedicate an analog read pin for each. His solution uses “a Schmitt trigger inverter whose output has resistors connected […]

TI analog design contest

For all our European readers who lament contests limited to USA residents only, here’s one for you. TI is hosting the Analog Design Contest (ADC) and its limited to entrants in the EU and other specified nations (not including the Americas). Its purpose is to encourage system-level design within Universities by providing the opportunity for […]

Dangerous DSO part 2: Feed and water your ADC

Dangerous DSO is a new logic analyzer/oscilloscope design we’ve been using in the lab. This is not a finished project, it will not be produced. We’re posting our current progress to get some feedback. Look for a new Dangerous DSO article every day this week. Be sure to see Part1: There’s so much between 0 […]

App note: Load-power monitor improves high-side current measurements

This amplifier with an analog voltage multiplier could be useful in a bench power supply: Combining a high-side current-sense amplifier with an analog voltage multiplier, the MAX4211 can easily measure the power dissipated in a load. One multiplier input connects to the load voltage, and the other to an internal analog of the load current—that […]