ESR measurement using multimeter and function generator

Kerry Wong has written an article discussing the measurement of capacitor ESR using a multimeter and a function generator: Capacitor ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance) measurement is very useful in diagnosing issues with power supplies. In linear power supplies, a high ESR filter capacitor may cause excessive ripple current on the voltage rails and can cause […]

App note: Using the DAC as a function generator

A function generator from an C8051 DAC application note(PDF) from Silicon Labs This document describes how to implement an interrupt driven multifunction generator on C8051 devices using the on-chip digital-to-analog converter (DAC). Four different waveforms expandable to any periodic function defined in a table. – Sine Wave (Table Defined) – Square Wave (Calculated) – Triangle […]

400kHz function generator with ICL8038

Manekinen posted an article describing how he designed and built his 400KHz function generator based on ICL8038: Function generator with adjustable frequency from 0 Hz to over 400 kHz, adjustable amplitude, DC offset, duty, and of course the function selection – square, triangle, and sine. Generator based on good old ICL8038 integrated chip generator that […]

XR2206 function generator

“Presented here is XR2206 function generator with multiple waveform selection and a frequency readout display. The diagram on the right shows the internal workings of the XR2206 in the form of a block diagram. Essentially the chip contains A VCO (voltage controller oscillator), wave shaper and buffer. The XR2206 frequency generator diagram frequency of the […]

USB function generator

Tuomas designed a simple function generator controlled via USB. It’s capable of generating sine, square, and triangle waveforms up 3 MHz. The device uses the AD9833 SPI programmable waveform generator IC and a USB-enabled AVR to control it. One tool that I’ve been missing at my lab at home is function generator. They tend to […]

DIY Audio function generator

DIY Audio function generator  is a low-distortion function generator which operates in the Audio frequency range. Conventional function generators use a square wave signal to generate the other waveforms like triangle, or sine wave. This approach adds noise to the sine wave output, which is the one waveform Eric wants for his audio development. His […]

Instek GW GFG-8016G signal generator review

Sqkybeaver bought an Instek GW GFG-8016G signal generator for his birthday.  It’s capable of creating sine, square, and triangle signals from 0.2 Hz -2 MHz. There’s also a 6 digit counter available with a bandwidth of up to 10 MHz. As soon as it was in his possession Sqkybeaver opened it up an posted some […]