Sensorless Brushless DC Motor Drive with MSP430


A booster board for the MSP430 LaunchPad controls brushless DC motors with or without sensors. A bunch of double NPN transistor MBT2222AD ICs drive the motors:

I thought that I would share my project on the forum. I call it BLDC Booster. It is a booster pack for the MSP430 LaunchPad that allows for sensored or sensorless control of a brushless DC motor. It is open source hardware & firmware under Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license.

Via the forum.

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  1. I think this booster pack is a great way to experiment with sensorless unipolar switching techniques and sensored BLDC applications. Great work on the schematics, layout, and software on git. It is definitely easy to understand how you could adopt this board.

  2. Are the booster boards still available for purchase? I have an MSP430 launchpad, and I have been thinking to get a openbldc board or a ti drv8301 pack but would much prefer to use this booster!

    Looking at the github files…

    1) what are the PWM vhdl files used for? Is it for simulating the actual MSP430 pwm peripheral (speed control, pwm dead time, etc)?

    2) Isn’t back-emf integration (or even zero crossing) used in sensorless motor control? Why does the schematics show hall sensors .. is it used for redundancy/debugging?

    3) Is the tools folder (‘console’ source code) used for getting debug diagnostics from the msp430 via uart?

    I’m hoping to learn motor control.. Anyone recommend a good book? One that covers practical implementation, like bipolar pwm vs unipolar, driving the 2 active phases with complimentary pwm or high-side or low-side only, etc?

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