Instructables version of the Hackable Christmas card

The Instructables version of the Hackable Christmas card & ornament is up. Seeed has copies of the card as a surface mount kit for $12, or assembled for $15. The card is already being manufactured so it can be delivered ASAP. The Seeed stock numbers aren’t accurate, less than 100 are being produced and we’re […]

#twatch network LCD preorder update

The #twatch ethernet LCD backpack preorder is over, shipments will start around October 10, 2009. Our first project was a big success. Thank you for participating with comments and preorders! If you missed out on the preorder, Seeed is making a few extra units you can buy for $45, worldwide shipping included. We don’t plan […]

Hack a Day's Bus Pirate preorder 2: revision B5?

Bus Pirate v2go Firmware v2.2-nightly DEVID:0x0447 REVID:0x3043 (B5) Hack a Day’s preorder 2 Bus Pirates are starting to arrive worldwide. Remember to upgrade the firmware when it arrives. We’ve had one report that the latest preorder was assembled with revision B5 PIC 24FJ64GA002 chips. Press ‘i’ in the Bus Pirate terminal to see your PIC […]

Hack a Day Bus Pirate preorder 2 update

Seeed Studio just tweeted an update on Hack a Day’s second Bus Pirate preorder. Looks like they’ll ship in one week: After long time waiting,we got ICs from Digikey. Now Bus Pirat Preorder 2 just started manufacture,will be ship out within a week. Check out our Bus Pirate goodies when it arrives. Thanks Mike! Artwork […]